The meadow beneath the waves

The meadow beneath the waves

The meadow beneath the waves

Just a few metres below the surface you can see what look like vast pastures of seaweed. This is in fact Neptune Grass, a plant which is native to the Mediterranean with roots, a stem and ribbon-like leaves that can grow to up to a metre in length.

This sea grass flowers in the autumn whilst in spring it produces unusual floating fruit known as “olives of the sea”.

Neptune Grass meadows are very important for the ocean's ecosystem because they produce oxygen and stabilise the seabed, protecting it against erosion.

Along a 20 km stretch of coast between Alassio and Capo Mele a meadow covers 140 hectares and is so dense that the entire area has been recognised as a Site of Community Importance.

The long leaves of Neptune Grass provide a habitat for many marine species, including the rare and protected fan mussel. Other animals which love this sea meadow include dreamfish, herbivorous fish with their silvery scales, octopuses, cuttlefish and many other vertebrates and invertebrates.

Diving in Alassio
Diving in Alassio

The section of coastline opposite Gallinara island is the perfect place for diving, offering the chance to discover the wonderful world below the waves.

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Bio snorkeling
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